Adding 419 to dialing properties when connecting to Internet.
New phone properties using 10 digit phone number for the Ameritech & Verizon 419 area code connecting to 294-0913 & 458-0102 as of 12/1/2001

Starting December 1, 2000 Ameritech customers in the 419 geographic area will begin dialing 10 digits (area code + 7-digit telephone number) for all local calls. Effective December 1, 2001 callers in the 419 area code will be required to use the new 10-digit dialing pattern to complete all local calls. Customers placing calls to long distance points will continue to dial 11-digits (1 + area code + telephone number).
The following link is to Ameritech's site that explains this new 10 digit dialing change.,3086,144,00.html

To check the Ameritech exchanges involved, go to the following site and Find Your Local Calling Area by entering your own area code and then your prefix, which is the first three digits of  your seven-digit phone number.:,3086,185,00.html

This 10 digit dialing will also affect the number which you use to connect to the internet. To check the number just click on the
dial UDATAnet icon and check the phone number on the connect screen. We have provided the following instructions for correcting your
dial-up phone number for PC's if it is not 4192940913 (Upper 294 or 209 area) or 4194580102 (Forest 273 area.)

Double Left click on My Computer.
Double Left click on Dial-Up Networking.
Single Right click on Dial UDATAnet.
Single Left click on Properties.  Dial UDATAnet window below opens.

Under Phone number:
Make sure: Use area code and Dialing Porperties IS checked. (as below in Dial UDATAnet window)
Under Area Code, make sure 419 IS entered. (as below in Dial UDATAnet window)

Click OK button and close all windows.


Double click on Dial UDATAnet Icon

figure 1

If Phone number includes 4192940913 (Upper) or 4194580102 (Forest) then your phone properties are already setup correctly for new 10 digit dialing in 419 area code. You do not have to change anything.

If Phone Number does NOT include 419 (as figure 1).
Click on Dial Properties button on right.

  figure 2

Towards the top right of Dialing Properties window (as in figure 2):
419 should be in the Area Code slot beside United States of America.
Click on Area Code Rules Button to the right.

figure 3

In first box When calling with my area code,
Make sure that Always dial the area code (10-digit dialing) IS checked. (as in figure 3)

In second box When calling to other area codes, Do not dial 1 for numbers with the following area codes,
If 419 is NOT in the white box (as in figure 3) then click on New button to the right and add (as in Figure 4).

figure 4

Type 419 in the Area Code white box (as in figure 4) then click on OK.

figure 5

419 will now appear in the white box under When calling to other area codes, Do not dial 1 for numbers with the following area codes. (as in figure 5)
Click on OK.

figure 6

At the bottom of Dialing Properties window (as in figure 6), make sure that under: Number to be dialed 419-294-0913 (Upper) or 419-458-0102 (Forest)
 (if you have this option, some versions of windows do not)
Dial as a long distance call is NOT checked. (as in figure 6)(if you have this option, some versions of windows do not)

Connect To window should now look like the following (as in figure 7)  with 4192940913 (Upper) or  or 4194580102 (Forest) in Phone Number slot.

figure 7

Your Dialing Properties are now setup for the new 10 digit dialing.