*Reverse Lookup (Enter a phone or fax number, street address, or email address to
                             search for the corresponding person or business!)
*555-1212 Reverse Lookup (Another reverse lookup)
*Switchboard(one of the quickest for finding people & businesses)
*Bigbook(also draws map to direct you to business)
*Infospace Yellow Pages(Find businesses, by name, address, reverse lookup,e-mail, category)
*Infospace White Pages(Find people, by e-mail, address, name, reverse lookup)
*WorldPages(Worldwide personal & business listings, draws maps)
*AT&T Toll-Free Internet Directory (Search by tollfree, white, yellow, e-mail, web sites)
*CNET Product Finder(Computing & Technology Price Comparisons &Product Reviews)
*ZIP2 (Adresses, phone numbers, maps, door-to-door directions)
*USPS Zip + 4 Code Lookup (Enter street address, city, & state)
*Yahoo! People Search (Faster than InfoSpace)
*Four11 (Most thorough listing of Internet phone users)
*Map Quest (Business & Personal search, Maps: city-to-city or door-to-door)
*Yahoo Maps (Using Street Address or Intersection or City, State & Point to Point Driving Directions) 
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