The 5 Most Common Internet Error Messages
Error Messages: Copy word for word any error messages you might recieve before calling for assistance.

"401 Cannot find a Site/URL/Address" - Possibly a mistyped address or the site has moved or shut down.

"404 Not Found" or "404 Access Denied" - The Web page doesn't exist anymore. Try running a search for the site's name
on Yahoo! and see what comes up-the page may have just moved.

"403 Forbidden" - The site hasn't been set with "read permissions." You can't view the site because the person who
maintains the page doesn't want you reading it. Like death and taxes, there is little you can do about it.

"Network connection refused by the server" - Too many users are trying to access the same page. If you receive this
message at your favorite Web site, try it again in a few minutes or during the off-hours.

"A Network error occurred while Netscape was receiving data. (Network Error: Connection reset by peer)
Try connectin again." - That web site is having problems transmitting data, you will have to try again later.

"Unable to locate the server. The server does not have a DNS entry" - DNS (Domain Name System or Server) is the means used to look up the Net address for the name you entered. Either the site does not exist or your connection to your ISP
 is faulty. Try a site that you know has a DNS entry (such as If you still get a DNS error, there is probably something wrong with your ISP's connection to the Internet. You also should try emtying your cache, just in case.

"The program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" - Otherwise known as a GPF (Genreal

Protection Fault), it just means that your computer got confused. Try emtying your cache or restarting your browser.

If you get warnings from
newer versions of win95 and all versions of win98
that it is going to disconnect you from the internet.

1.  double left click on My Computer
2.  double left click on Control Panel
3.  double left click on Internet
4.   single left click on Connection tab
5.  single left click on Settings button
6.  check on line reading: Disconnect if idle for  ##  minutes
7.  make sure you have the check-box in front of the above line UNCHECKED
you may enter a different number of minutes to be warned of disconnection
8.  make sure you click on OK to save the change and close all menu boxes