Set Up Cute FTP  Shareware Software
Publishing thru Netscape Communicator

**NEW Host Address for home users:
**New Host Address for Domains:

**You MUST Call UDATA For Setup & Verification Of Setup
Before You Can Upload Any Files

Downlaod Cute FTP Software (Cute FTP Software is a ShareWare program, free for 30 days.
You can register after 30 days or continue to use with a repeating pop-up reminder to register screen.)
Click on Software button on UDATAnet's Home Page
Then click on 32cftp15.exe ...............Cute ftp (32 Bit) For Windows 95 & NT

Start Cute FTP.
On the Left Side click on Add Folder button.
Create New Folder box appears.
Type in a Folder Name (your choice).(exmple: myebay)
Click on OK.

On the Right Side click on Add Site button.
Answer the following blank slots only, leave the rest as default.
1. Under Site Label type in a Site Name (your choice). (example: myebay)
2. Type in Host Address for home users: (Domains
3. Under User ID type in your Username.
4. Under Password type in your Password.
5. Initial Local Directory: type in your hard disk drive letter
    Example:   C:
Click on OK.
Click on Exit.

Uploading files with Cute FTP

Start Cute FTP.
Highlight Site Manager Folder & Click on Right side to highlight the Site.
Click on Connect button at bottom of window.

On the left side is Your Hard Disk Drive.
On the right side is Your Folder On UDATAnet's Server.
Drap & Drop from left to right the files you want to upload.

When done, Click on FTP button on top left then Disconnect, then FTP button again and Exit.

Your URL or.gif (for ebay pics) (for web page)
Call to verify Username,  Password  and URL
(UDATAnet's setup MUST match your setup.)

You have: Read, Write, Delete & List rights.
**Make sure you always Delete picture files when you have sold an item on ebay.
You have a 2mb maximum file.

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