UDATAnet is your Wyandot County Internet Service Provider.

Configuring System to use
UDATAnet's Service
Other Internet Helps Windows & Internet Errors
UDATAnet's Service Tips & Tricks Troubleshooting Windows System Errors, GPFs, and Page Faults in Netscape Communicator & Navigator
Setting Up Profile in Netscape Communicator HTML Coding
Can be used in UDATAnet Conferences for color & font size.
The 5 Most Common Internet Error Messages
Setting Up Identity in Outlook Express Newbie (Internet Beginners) HELP Sites .
Setting up Home Page Location,  Email & Mail Server after downloading Netscape Communicator **Netscape Navigator, Netscape Communicator & Microsoft Internet Explorer HELP TIPS** .
Email settings for Netscape Communicator . .
Email settings for Microsoft Outlook Express . .
UDATAnet's DNS numbers . .
Publishing Web Page thru Netscape Communicator 
Set Up Cute FTP  Shareware Software for Web Page Publishing
. .
Remove "1" areacode for Nevada      permanently . .
Change dial properties to 10 digit 
dialing for 419 connecting to
294-0913or 458-0102
. .
UDATAnet User Log Timer:
Getting A Busy Message When Trying To Access Log Timer:
. .
Maintenance Shut-Down: . .

UDATAnet contacts for more information.
Telephone: 419-294-4141
Mailing Address: 13910 US Hwy 30, Upper Sandusky, OH 43351