Setting Up a New Profile in Outlook Express

Start Outlook Express
Click on "File"
Highlight the word "Identity"
Click "Add New Identity"
Enter your name   ex: John Doe
Put check in box to require a password for this identity if desired
Click Ok
When asked if you wish to change to this identity now, click "Yes"
The Internet Connection Wizard will now open
Enter your name as you wish it to appear to others when you send email
Click "Next"
Click the circle that says "I already have an existing email address that I would like to use"
Enter the email address that you want to use
Click "Next"
Make sure that the "Incoming Mail Server" is a POP3
Where it says  "Incoming Mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) Server" enter :
Where is says "Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server" enter:
Click "Next"
Internet Mail Logon screen will now come up
Where it says "Account Name" enter your UDATAnet username.
Where it says "Password" enter the password you chose when you signed up with UDATAnet.
Click "Finish"

     Now when you want to switch your identities just click on "File", "Switch Identity",
and choose the name of the identity you want and enter the password if you chose to
have to be prompted for one when you log on to that identity.

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