Setting up New Profile in Communicator

From Desktop
Click on Start button
Scroll to Programs
Scroll to Netscape Communicator
Scroll to Utilities
Scroll to User Profile Manager and left click

Click on NEW button
Click on NEXT button
Type in Full Name ex: Chuck Smith
Type in email address: ex:
Click on NEXT button
Type in Profile Name  ex: chuck
C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\chuck (DO NOT change)
Click on NEXT button
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server,  type in:
Click on NEXT button
Go to Mail Server User Name: ex: chuck
Go to Incoming Mail Server,  type in:
Mail Server Type   POP3
Click on NEXT Button
Skip News NNTP server
Click on FINISH Button

Start Netscape Communicator

Log on with new  profile  ex: chuck
Click on EDIT at top of screen
Scroll to Preferences and left click
On the left side of window, find Mail & Newsgroups
Click on the + in front of Mail & Newgroups
Click on Mail Servers
On right side of window:
Incoming Mail Servers, hi-light mail inside of box
Click on EDIT button to the right
Go to Server Name: type in:
Go to Server Type: should be POP3 Server
Go to User Name: type in user name: ex:  chuck
X  Remember Password
X  Check Mail Every 10 Min.
Click on OK Button
Go to Middle of right side wondow
Go to Outgoing Mail Server
Go to Outgoing Mail SMTP Server, type in:
Go to Outgoing Mail Server User Name, type in user name: ex: chuck
Click on OK button
When you get your mail the first time, it will ask for Password. Type in your email password.

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