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Teaching & Learning on the WWWbrain Teaching & Learning on the WWW is an index which links to 500-plus exemplary sites and demonstrates just how effective the Web can be as an interactive liearning tool. 
IDEAL: International Digital Eelctronic
Access Library ideal
IDEAL provides online access to 175 Acedemic Press journals.
Education World
education worldeducation world
Education World helps educators, parents & students  make use of this selective database of more than 56,000 education-related sites.
Study Webstudy web Study Web is a collection of more than 69,000 "research-quality" URLs, this site helps students excel throughout their academic careers, K-12.

one look
OneLook Dictionaries
OneLook Dectionaries will instantly search through ore than 287 dictionaries & glossaries, including specialized ones.
online books
The Online Books Page
The On-Line Books Page is a massive index which links to the full text of more than 7,000 books.
Roget's Internet Thesaurus Roget's Internet Thesaurus is a favorite among book lovers, this synonym & antonym reference is online ia a quick, fully searchable edition.
Web Thesaurus Compendium Web Thesaurus Compendium links to a variety of specialized sources in order to help you find that elusive mot just. 
encyclopedia.comEncyclopedia.com Encyclopedia.com has more than 17,000 cross-linked articles from the 3rd edition of the Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopdeia
Bartlett's Familiar Quotationsproject Bartleby Bartlett's Familiar Quotations is the best place to collect famous quotes.
land of quotesThe Land of Quotes The Land of Quotes includes quips & aphorisms from more contemporary voices than Bartlett's.
Reserach-It!research-it Research-It has forms for dictionary searches, thesaurus searches, maps, currency converters & more.
Pitsco's Ask an Expert ask an expert Pitsco's Ask an Expert links to more 300 Web sites & email addresses that can put you in the hands of those wiser & more experienced than yourself.

fedstatsFedstats Fedstats is by the best place to find the statistics compiled by more tha 70 agencies of the US Government.
Infonation world map Infonation is for official data on member countries of the United Nation.
Information Pleaseinfo please Information Please in an online version of the popular almanac and will help you clear up that nasty ignornace rash.
world factbookCIA '97 World Factbook CIA '97 World Factbook keeps track of global shifts (especially nation name changes).

1. Grasp the process
The Purdue On-Line Writing Laboratory has put together a step-by-step guide to writing research papers--from outline development to note taking to effective paraphrasing. There's even special emphasis on the Net as a research tool. 
2. Don't forget to cite your online sources.
The Modern Language Association (MLA) has established guidelines for citing Web sources. Defy them at your own peril. 
3. Beware of  false information.
With the huge volume of new Web sites, sometimes it's difficult to dteremine if data is reliable. Evaluating Internet Based Information will help with the basics.

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