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You can never get wired too early.
Here's a list of the best education sites for the K-12 crowd.
The Children's Literature
Web Guide
The Children's Literature Web Guide helps you master the world of reading with links to sites containing information on every author and book illustrator whom you're likely to come across in your formative years. Find out where to access the full texts of books online, or visit sites where students publish original creative writing.
Kids Did This in
Social Studies
Kids Did This in Social Studies sites links to actual papers and virtual presentations created by students online.
The Math Forum Student Center 
math forum
In The Math Forum Student Center, resoruces are conveniently arranged by grade level-elementary school through college. You'll find hundreds of links to interactive tutorial, practice problems, tips & tricks and even math mailing lists.
Science Learning Networksci learn net The Science Learning Network had each online educational module developed by science museums in partnership with schools across the country. Once your interest is sparked, the site links to plenty of others that might be able to slake your thirst for scientific knowledge. 
Surfing the Net with Kids surf kids
Surfing the Net with Kids is by syndicated columnist & mother of 2, Barbara J. Feldman. Her top picks are posted and organized chronologically and by topic. Before letting the kids loose with the mouse, parents should take a look at the section called Saftey on the Net, which has Feldman's guidelines for kids' online usage.
Web66: A K12 World Wide 
Web Project web66
Web66 is the best place to begin your journey down that endless information superhighway. Select educational Web resources, integrate them into the curriculum & implement them in the classroom. Once your school gets a home page, add it to the Web66: International School Web Site Registry, which links to more than 13,000 schools from all over the world.

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