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Accounting Students
The Accounting Students research guide links to Big Six firms, Beta Aplha chapters, federal & state tax sites and educational resources at universities & colleges worldwide.
American Studies Crossroads Project
The American Studies Crossroads Project provides access to online libraries, primary texts and special collecitons relevant to the field. Search through current & back issues of American Quarterly.
Anthropology Resources on the Internet
Anthropology Resources on the Internet points to sites on archaeological, linguistic, cultural and physical anthropology. 
cyburbia is a well-designed site with thousands of links to Internet resources for the built environment, including a bookstore, a discussion board and a 'zine called Place.
ART HISTORYart history
The Art History Research Centre
Check The Art History Research Centre for the best links to articles, academic journals, collections and museums on the Web.
The Biology Project
The Biology Project has colorful illustrations to let you visualize such things as cell mitosis as if you were small enough to be there. Each topic links to related sites on Web.
Virtual International Business and 
Economic Sources (VIBES)
Visit Virtual International Business and Economic Sources (VIBES) for global, national and regional sites related to business topics from banking to trade issues.
General Chemistry Online!
General Chemistry Online! makes chemistry a breeze to study, with its basic online text that's fully hyperlinked to sources areound the Web.You'll also find a cheeky Chemistry Exam Survival Guide, a pop-up link that brings up the periodic table of the elements and tutorials aplenty.
Electronic Resources for Classicists
Electronic Resources for Classicistsis an astonishingly complete site with links to every classics page online.
Computer Science Undergraduate
Tutor Service
Computer Science Undergraduate Tutor Service can help you on a complex problem? Richard Suchoza's site can give you an in-depth answer (in a week to 10 days) or at least guide you toward the solution (within 2 days).
Inkspot helps you do it better, find the exact word, the apt phrase, the leaping simile, as well as aquaint them with more practical aspects of the craft, such as marketing their work.
Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center
For those lucky few allowed to write term papers about poplular culture, Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center will help them with everything from Star Trek to post-Soviet subcultrue.
The Intuiton College Theatre Guide
The Intuiton College Theatre Guide links to full texts of plays, or locate sources on scriptwriting, actor networking, and even costume design.
Economics Education Web lives up to it's name, with links to a wide variety of resources of economics education at the K-12 and undergraduate levels. It points to every site you're likely to need to study the subject.
ICE: Internet Connections for Engineering
ICE is Cornell University's trim index of sites covering all the hard sciences. It includes subsections on aerospace, biological, civil, electrical, mechanical, nuclear and quality engineering.
ENGLISH Voice of Shuttle
The Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature Main Page
The Voice of the Shuttle has links for the student researching works taught in English & American literature courses. It covers Anglo-Saxon, medival, Renaissance and Victorian writing, as well as contemporary works.
Diversity and Ethinic Studies: Virtual Community
Virtural Community offers its visitors a focused set of links to resources pertaining to the African-American, Asian-American, American Indian and Latin-American communities.
100 Top Government Sites
View this week's top Web sites hand picked by our editors to provide the best selection of government sites on the Internet! You have arrived at one of the most useful directories on the Internet.
Mr. Jenkins' History Links
Mr. Jenkins' History Links helps students with endless search of quality historical research material. Well-organized links connect visitors to the ancient world, the modern world & more.
STRATNET: Strategic Studies Network
SRATNET can be a student's compass for navigating the complex world of international relations, security & politics. You'll find enough information to create world peace-or at least write a paper on it.
The Ethnologue is a catalogue of more than 6,700 languages spoken in 228 countries. The Ethnologue Name Index lists over 39,000 language names, dialect names, and alternate names. The Ethnologue Language Family Index organizes languages according to language families. 
S.O.S. Mathematics
The credo at S.O.S. Mathenatics is, "You can only learn Mathematics by doing Mathematics!" 
Sibelius Academy: Music Resourses
Sibelius Academy has links to music education, theory, research and schools in more than 37 countries.
Episteme Links
Episteme has pointers to great thinkers from Anaxagoras to Ludwig Wittgenstein, plus e-text, papers, journals, newsgroups and humor.
The Internet Pilot to Physics
Its Physics Around the World database is searchable or browsable by category: Computing, Media & Companies. Virtual Laboratory has links to demonstrate such physics concepts as projectile motion & radioactive decay.
The Jefferson Project
Jefferson Project has the right, the left, the radical & the libertarian, as well as political personalities,  issues & activists. This site has all the government resources you'll ever need! 
Phych Web has everything neatly arranged by category, including books, brochures & scholarly journals. Advise on topics such as Suggested Courses to Aquire Skills Employers Want.
The SocioWeb: Your Independent Guide to Resources on the Internet
SocioWeb is an orderly arrangement of links to sociological theory, research & education.
inforM: Women's Studies Resourses
Among the offerings are a reading room with full texts of papers and books by and about women & a film section with feminist reviews of mainstream & independent movies.
BIOSIS: Internet Resource Guide for Zoology
Locate sites on every living thing, from chordates to vertebrates

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