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 NOTE:  Effective July 1, 2007, we will no longer be sending out invoices via US Mail. We will be sending all invoices via email. The email invoice will be in printable form for those who need a printed copy. We need a valid email address that is checked on a regular basis, for each customer before July 1, 2007. We will then start sending your invoices via email. You can make your monthly payment by using our automated secure online payment system each month located on our homepage or send us a check via US Postal Service Be sure you include your account name and customer number to ensure the payment gets posted to your account.

Email accounts $5.95 per month.
Accounts are paid by cash, check,  money order, credit card (Master Card & Visa only) or Debit Card.
Accounts are charged on the set-up day of the month for each account and payment  is due within 15 days of that date.
A $2.00 late fee will added if payment is received after the 15 day due date printed on invoice.
Accounts are charged and paid in advance on the current month in use.
Accounts may be suspended if  payment is not received within 30 days of the due date.
. Accounts may be suspended if  payment is not received within 30 days of the due date. Accounts disconnected immediately  if we receive a check returned from the bank for NSF. 
Returned check charge of $20.00.
If an account is suspended for non-payment, there will be a $10.00 re-activation fee.
. If your account is suspended for any reason, all email sent to your email address will be rejected.

Business Listing in UDATAnet's StoreFront
$9.95 per month Business URL Listing only, listing in UDATAnet's StoreFront (URL not hosted by UDATAnet) (NO internet access account)
Listing also includes business icon, link & description of business.

Domain Hosting
Domain hosting is available at UDATAnet.   You can have have your own domain name
(   This is available for both personal and businesses.  Each domain includes
six email addresss (example; and 30 mg of disk storage for your
home page.
Listing with link on UDATAnet's Local Business Page
Domain Hosting Charges
Domain, up to 6 Email Accounts, 30mg storage space   = $20.95 per month*
Charges do not include Domain name registration charges
(user pays directly to the registration company)
Just think if you have a business you can have your own domain with your own email address.
For more information on setting your own Domain

Highspeed Wireless Internet Service Pricing

Highspeed Wireless Internet Service Pricing - Call 419-294-4141 for further information OR email here for pricing. 22 Broadcast Towers: three- 2.4ghz, three- 5.8ghz and one- 900mhz  in Upper Sandusky, 1- 2.4ghz & 5.8ghz in Carey, 1- 2.4ghz & 5.8ghz in Lovell, 2- 2.4ghz in Nevada, 1- 2.4ghz & 5.8ghz in Forest, 1- 2.4ghz & 5.8ghz at UDATAnet office on  Co Hwy 330. and  1- 2.4ghz each in Wharton, Sycamore, Alvada, Vanlue and New Riegel
Call 419-294-4141 to schedule Line of Sight Survey and Installation.
High Speed Wireless Internet Service Price: starting at $45.00 per month.
Leased Lines are available. Call 419-294-4141.
If you have any further questions, click here or call 419-294-4141.
. If your account is suspended for any reason, all email sent to your email address will be rejected.

UDATAnet High Speed Wireless Internet and Dialup Service
Internet Service Provider for telephone numbers local to Upper Sandusky:
Carey, Nevada, Wharton & Harpster, OH
and local to Wharton: Forest, Kirby, Vanlue & Mt. Blanchard, OH
High Speed Wireless

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