Protect Your Kids!
NOTE!  None of the following packages are foolproof, and it still must be noted that parental supervisors offer the best level of protection against adult material circulating on the Net.
Ratings Systems
SafeSurf:The Original Internet Rating System, Netscape and SafeSurf are now working together to make the 'Net Safe 
RSACi Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet

There are plenty of violent, sexually explicit books, videos, and TV shows which are easier for kids to access than
some of the explicit material online. If it becomes a problem, or maybe before it becomes one, we could always install
filtering sofware such as the following to block sexually explicit sites.

Go to the following sites for more filter software information,
GetNetWise has developed an excellent guide to filters and other tools.

GetNetWise GetNetWise is a public service brought to you by Internet industry corporations
                and public interest organizations to help insure that families have safe, constructive,
                             and educational or entertaining online experiences.

NPC Magazine Online Parental Filtering Utilities Reviews
Monitor a Child's Access. The Internet and the Web are marvelous resources.
Keep your children's exploration of them safe with one of these utilities.

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Parental Control Resources. Internet Filter Software
Chart Sorted by product name: (A to L) (M to Z).

Cyber Patrol
Microsystems Software
Net Nanny
Net Nanny Ltd.
Specs for Kids
NewView Inc.
Cyber Sitter
Solid Oak Software Inc.
Surf Watch
Spyglass Inc

sos kidproof
SOS Kidproof
Cyber Sentinel
Web Chaperone
Web Chapersone
Watch Dog
Watch Dog

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*RSAC was formed by a group of software publishing companies in 1994 for the purpose of rating software.
The purpose was to help parents identify violent games, and the RSAC rating logo now appears on
hundreds of video and CD-ROM games.
**A group of parents formed SafeSurf in 1995 to create a "child safe" environment on the Internet.

You may want to contact the companies for information and pricing.

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